Hi, I'm Dan Rice, a Computer Scientist and Chief Technology Officer focused on fintech. I'm currently working at Bling Financial where I am co-founder and CTO. Our top game is Bitcoin Blast.
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Why I also find IOTA deeply alarming Earlier this year, an Ethereum developer Nick Johnson wrote a blog with his thoughts on IOTA that I agree with, but I wanted to go deeper on a few things. Let me start off by saying that the price of... Read more

Announcing Vzero. Removing Volatility from Crypto-Currency In 2014 I was working heavily on multi-signature escrow solutions around Bitcoin specifically targeted at high priced transactions. The idea being that escrow is generally expensive and multi-signature Bitcoin transactions could speed that process up along with cutting cost. The... Read more

Losers focus on winners I just finished reading "The Start-up of You" by Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha and wanted to share a few quick highlights geared towards being an entrepreneur, but it's really applicable to wherever you are in your career:1. Ask yourself... Read more