Hi, I'm Daniel Rice, a Computer Scientist and Chief Technology Officer focused on fintech. I'm currently working at Sagewise where I am co-founder and CTO. Our published active products are Blokusign, SendEOS, and Loaded.
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Configuring bitcoind for Debugging This post is a reference for Bitcoin Core version 0.9.3Configuring Bitcoin-RPCPrior to 0.9.0 there were a number of commands you could give bitcoind from the command line. Those commands exposed the features required for Bitcoin (sending payments, managing your wallet,... Read more

Building Bitcoin Core with XCode For this walkthrough I'll be using Bitcoin Core version 0.9.3, XCode 5.1.1 with the command line tools package installed, and Homebrew (http://brew.sh/).1. Download the source code:git clone git@github.com:bitcoin/bitcoin.git bitcoin2.  Install dependencies:brew install autoconf automake libtool berkeley-db4 boost miniupnpc openssl pkg-config... Read more